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Veteran Skills & Experience

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Veterans bring valuable skills and experience to our northern Michigan communities. It is our belief that veterans are a valuable asset to our community, especially as productive employees. As a large portion of America's workforce approaches retirement, employers are finding themselves battling a talent storage. Veterans can fill this gap using the valuable skills and experience they acquired during their military services. Strengths that veterans bring to the workplace include:

  • Working well in a team setting.
  • Responsible and accountable for mission completion.
  • Sense of self-confidence.
  • Organized and disciplined.
  • A strong work ethic.
  • Able to follow through under difficult or stressful circumstances.
  • Able to problem solve quickly and creatively.
  • Adaptable to ever-changing situations.
  • Able to follow rules and schedules.

Employers & Veterans

Employers must consider veterans as a valuable workforce resource. Employer needs and career opportunities are ever changing in the environment known as workforce development. Consistent among this evolution is the steadfast face that veterans have the employability skills and experiences sought after by employers. Consider the facts about veterans when seeking employees:

Veterans Skills Match Employer Needs

It's important when we consider the many skillsets veterans bring to the table that we don't underestimate the power of soft-skills. Soft-skills, in part, refer to a very broad group of workplace behaviors such as attendance, cooperativeness, positive attitude, teamwork, and willingness to learn. In addition to these soft-skills, veterans often offer a higher level of leadership and management experience.

Employer Training Programs & Veterans

Apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs give employers the opportunity to fill their talent pipelines with employees that understand the specific job functions and requirements. Veteran job seekers are adept at learning and performing in these training environments.

Uniquely Qualified Veterans

Veterans are uniquely qualified for in-demand emerging technology related careers. Northern Michigan is quickly becoming a recognized "tech hub". The number of technology-related companies and career opportunities continue to grow. Many veterans come from the very same technical occupations and training sought after by these companies.

Professional Trades Talent Gap

Veterans fill the professional trades talent gap. They bring hands-on experience in the professional trades (construction, electrician/electronics, mechanical) that translate directly into our communities. Veterans are often able to transition directly into sustainable living-wage careers without additional institutional training.

Veteran Access To Resources and Jobs

Veterans gain access to resources and jobs through community resource collaboration. Northern Michigan for Veteranscollaborates with the region's workforce development organizations and professionals to ensure all northern Michigan veterans have access to, and the opportunity for, assistance from these groups. It is our goal to improve the northern Michigan economy by harnessing the potential of transitioning veterans. This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Linking veterans and employers to secure, high-quality jobs.
  • Creating affinity relationships for part-time veteran employment while enrolled in schools.
  • Attracting veteran entrepreneurs to northern Michigan.
  • Improving outreach to unemployed/underemployed veterans through engagement with local employers, Chambers of Commerce, and Michigan Works.
  • Promoting development of high-tech businesses (cyber security, remote technology, medical technology, sustainable agriculture, mobile health, hospitality technology, advanced manufacturing, etc.) to increase local opportunity for veterans with cutting-edge skill sets.
  • Improving veteran training and access to the skilled trades (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, etc.).
  • Identifying apprenticeship opportunities available to veterans.
  • Identifying a veterans' economic communities lead to increase stakeholder engagement.