Veterans Housing USA is fighting to close on the Grand Traverse Motel

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

Veterans Housing USA is fighting to close on the Grand Traverse Motel while looking to address other housing needs.

While the effort continues to close on the Grand Traverse Motel by the end of January, Veterans Housing USA is still looking to address all aspects of the housing need among our veterans.

First and foremost among this is family housing for veterans with children. While The Barracks, the proposed dormitory-style housing project in Traverse City, will offer affordable housing for veterans who are looking to attend college, it is not designed for families.

Luckily, Vet Housing just acquired land near Grayling, MI that will be developed into family housing for veterans. We also have our sights set on land right here in Grand Traverse county, and by partnering with companies that specialize in modular housing, we will be addressing the family housing situation in Traverse City at the beginning of 2018!

At this time, the focus of Veterans Housing USA is to raise funds and awareness for our upcoming projects. Our website,, just upgraded its Donation page and can now accept all major credit cards. We are also seeking local partners, sponsors and donors who would be interested in working together.

We are asking for any mentions, referrals or other help getting the word out. The response from our community has been staggering so far and we hope to continue to be blown away as more people are made aware of who we are and what we’re doing. Your help with that would be greatly appreciated.

Questions or comments can be directed to Mike Griffith, president, (281) 536-5633.