Veteran Statistics

Check out some interesting facts about veterans in the Northern Michigan region.

Veteran Healthcare

Average round trip distance traveled by a Northern Michigan veteran to receive care in a veterans administration hospital is 320 miles.

Average Distance Traveled to US Hospitals

  Low Volume Hospitals High Volume Hospitals Additional Distance
US 4.2 23.6 14.3
Rural 10.9 31.1 17.8
MI 4.4 19.3 11

Check out more information on round trips for veterans seeking care HERE.

Northern Michigan & Veterans

Northern Michigan will remain relevant in the future when it comes to veterans and veteran services.

The 2015 Rand Report for the VA titled "Current and Projected Characteristics and Unique Health Care Needs of the Patient Population Served by the Department of Veterans Affairs" states "Over time, fewer Veterans are going to be located in rural areas reflecting both the overall national population trend of movement away from rural areas and absence of younger veterans replacing older rural veterans". "However, northwester Washington state, a belt running through Montana to Wisconsin, parts of northern Michigan, much of Maine, Alaska, and northern Texas (Amarillo outskirts) will remain areas of rural veteran populations by 2024."

Registered Veterans

According to 2017 Veteran Administration data, there are 66,952 known veterans living in the 31 northern Michigan counties supported by Northern Michigan for Veterans. At this time 62.5% of these veterans are not registered with the VA for any type of benefit earned through their service to the country.