Volunteer Organization

Northern Michigan for Veterans is a non-profit, volunteer organization intent on improving support to veterans, while also attracting veterans to the region because of the incredible benefit they bring to the community. Our intent is not to replace any organization that currently serves our veterans, but rather enable, extend, and improve these services by addressing and solving the common challenges that all of our veterans face. Via advocacy and outreach, we intent on ensuring that NM fulfills its tradition of service and commitment to all veterans and their families.

Veteran Focused

Veteran-focused and organized to overcome challenges and build partnerships. Our goal is to be a catalyst for change by building veteran coalitions among both governmental and non-governmental organizations at the local, state, and federal levels. We have an all-volunteer board of veteran and civic leaders, day-to-day actions are overseen by our Executive Director, and we have formed a steering group and sub-committees made up of public and private representatives in the areas of education, healthcare, housing, economic/entrepreneurship development and veteran organizations. Trust will be our cornerstone as we pursue these outcomes focused on the veteran:

  • Advancing VA goals at the community level.
  • Improving veterans' access to healthcare by seeking public-private partnerships in NM.
  • Leveraging veterans' skill sets and expanding career paths with educational institutions.
  • Working with local businesses in creating jobs for veterans in growing and emerging industries.
  • Creating opportunities for veterans to start their own businesses.
  • Attracting veterans and their families with an exceptional quality of life.
  • Honoring veterans with a final resting place.

Join us as we volunteer, contribute, advocate and support the veterans of our region.